Thursday, January 21, 2010

Healthy Weight Week

For many women weight is a constant topic of discussion and sometimes worry. This week is Women’s Healthy Weight Week and the goal of this national event is to provide proper education about healthy weight, to help women feel more comfortable with their bodies and to debunk some of the misconceptions about achieving a healthy weight.

One of the big challenges for women, and men, attempting to achieve a healthy weight is the plethora of fad diets. It seems there is a new diet on a daily basis with all promising to be the easy route to a lower weight. Few of these fad diets proclaim that they are an answer to healthy weight since many of them rely on quick fixes such as elimination of food groups, extremely low calorie intakes or claims for “proprietary supplements”

Take time this week to think about your healthy weight and take time to achieve that weight by remembering the following.
Diets that –
· Skip food groups
· Guarantee results
· Fail to encourage activity or
· Require some type of added formula or food

are generally plans that won’t provide long term, healthy eating behaviors.

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